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Help Ido and His Family

Family Living in Rosh Ha'ayin, Israel Desperately Needs Your Help!



Genesis 12:3  "I will bless those who bless thee, and I shall curse those who curse thee."

Jewish family in Rosh Ha'ayin, Israel desperately needs help and assistance in the form of donations and prayer.  Ido Elkahim, 37 yo and seen in the picture with his 2 sons, was earlier in the year diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer and began intensive chemotherapy treatment.  During this time his health dramatically deteriorated, and his cancer began to spread.  He was recently notified that the cancer has spread to his lymph nodes, liver, kidneys and bones.  His doctors have stated that chemotherapy was ineffective, and nothing more can be done.  Surgery at this stage is no longer possible.  

Ido's wife, Emilia, is the only provider in the family, as Ido is unable to work.  They have two children, and Emilia is expecting their 3rd child at the end of August 2015.  They are in desperate need of assistance here.  Prayers are helpful always but I am requesting monetary assistance to be provided in its entirety to this family to help offset the extensive medical costs that have accumulated.

Mutual family friends, aware of Christian Standing with Israel's existence and its extensive membership base, have asked me to make this request,.  This is an ideal time for us to let our Christian beacon of light shine in the form of a blessing for these people.  They know, and will continue to know that any donations we can give are coming with the love of the Gospel.  Let's not let them down.  Again, prayer and funds are much needed.

Please consider making your donation today  Our goal is $5000, which is approximately 19,000 New Israel Shekel (NIS).  CSWI will be making an independent donation but also pledges to match all donations received penny for penny, as much as we can.



The Palestinian:  Victim,  Genius or Victim of Genius?

al nakbaIn his book, Mein Kampf, Adolph Hitler once stated: "Propaganda attempts to force a doctrine on the whole people. Propaganda works on the general public from the standpoint of an idea and makes them ripe for the victory of this idea." Much like its Nazi predecessor, "The Big Lie" of today--a nonsensical fabrication spawned in the Middle East, even inside Israel, has rapidly evolved into an Arab propaganda locomotive powered by the steam engines of anti-Semitism. The lie --this falsehood of our time-- purports that the "Palestinians", a mythical people whose ancestral beginnings under that moniker can be neither defined nor traced, were ejected from their own land -- a land to which they refer as "Palestine".  In The Palestinian:  Victim, Genius, or Victim of Genius?, we delve deeper into the background and origins of these "Palestinians" -- these peculiar wanderers-- who to this day remain the only people to willingly pass their status as "refugees" from generation to generation to generation.

The Theological Background of Christian Zionism

christian zionismOver the centuries, Christian support of the state of Israel has been looked upon with a suspicious and vigilant eye. In fact, history will clearly show that the essence of pure evil, operating under the guise of "Christianity", has facilitated a complete and justifiable collapse in Judeo-Christian relations. Only recently has the relationship between the Jewish people and Christians become fruitful, and the "mending" process, albeit positive, continues to evolve. Even so, the question remains: "Why do Christians support the state of Israel?"  Published in Israel and the US in both Hebrew and in English, The Theological Background of Christian Zionism transverses the millennia and explores the history of Jewish-Christian relations.

Disputing Replacement Theology:  Jeremiah 3:  Did God "Divorce" His Own People?

western wallOne common variable that is omnipresent when considering the doctrines and discourses of Replacement Theology advocates, who stand in direct opposition to the doctrine of Christian Zionism, is their immediate willingness to suggest a flawed interpretation of Scripture on behalf of Christian Zionists. Exceedingly vexing are those of them who would assume prominent, leadership roles in our churches whilst disseminating their non-biblical, false doctrine of Replacement Theology from their pulpits. Undoubtedly, the forerunner of man's false doctrine is the inaccurate, liberal interpretation of Scriptural text through which the underlying message assumes the pattern of his personal convictions. A cornerstone of Replacement Theology doctrine is an assertion stating "the Old Testament nation [Israel] was divorced by God.", referring to Jeremiah 3:8 -- widely considered to be a "stomping ground" of sorts for Replacement Theology advocates. Disputing Replacement Theology would undoubtedly prove to be a daunting task if there were only eight verses in the third chapter of Jeremiah. Here we see yet another manifestation of biblical ignorance--the "picking and choosing" of Scriptural text so that its meaning conforms to an agenda. Most unfortunately, false doctrines such as Replacement Theology have been forged by this erroneous practice. In Disputing Replacement Theology: Jeremiah 3, Mikael Knighton explores Jeremiah's entire third chapter, where we find that God has a divine plan for His People; a divine timeline that begins with warning. God's warning is always proceeded by divine wrath and judgment, yet the endgame is always the fulfilment of His divine promises: Israel's redemption and salvation. Replacement Theology's assertion that God issued the Jewish people a permanent "certificate of divorce" is nonsensical at best; Scripturally-contradictive at worst, and the reader will soon find that the "marriage" remains alive and well.

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